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Mad About You

Genre: Romance
Year: 2019
Grade: C
Staring: Blossom Chukwujekwu, Linda Osifo, Annie Macaulay Idibia
Storyline: Dami, an A-list actor at the peak of his career gets engaged to Nkechi, a highly sought-after model, who is getting recognised in society. They look like a perfect couple on the outside and an envy of all. Everyone wants to be with them and couples yearn to be like them. However, when Cynthia enters the picture and the question on every lip is if Dami would dump Nkechi for Cynthia.
Runtime: 1:44:37
Producer: Victor Okpala
Director: Victor Okpala
Country of Production: Nigeria
Movie Prequel:
Movie Sequel:
Languages Avalaiable: english

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